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Picture this; you're in the kitchen, or better yet at the grill. You just came home from work about a half an hour ago with abosolutely no idea what's on the dinner menu. This quick grilling endeavor will some become part of your dining rotation. No need to thank us, just doing our jobs!


Go to the freezer and pull out that package of steak tips you have no idea how to cook. What, no tips? Well, head to the meat market and get some! After they've thawed (if frozen, of course), begin your ominous search for the packet of Good Seasons Roasted Garlic dressing mix, and... Now hold on - part of being a good cook is being prepared. Doesn't everyone have a package of this in the spice cabinet?

Whenever you finally get all this stuff together, oh, did I mention the sesame oil? You'll need that, too. Take your steak tips and pound them out to a thin, uniform thickness. Plop them into a big bowl, coating them with 1/2 to 3/4 of the dry mix and 1 tablespoon of oil. You can use more of each if you like, but don't overdo it! Stir this mess for about 1 beer. When you've gotten your next beer, you're ready to grill. I know I don't have to mention that the grill should already be fired up and ready to go by this time.

Throw these babies on the hot grill, about 1 beer per side. This oughta get you to medium rare, the steak nirvana (for you non grillers out there, that's about 4 minutes). Flip once, you can only flip steak once. It's the law. Serve with roasted potatoes (we'll give you a good recipe another time), maybe some rice, even noodles with butter and parmeasan cheese. Tack on a fresh veggie and, what else, your favorite cocktail, and you've got dinner in about 35 minutes. Tip: the steak only needs to marinate for about 10 minutes, it's that flovorful!